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Mark Michelmore
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Walking Touch Rugby is becoming a popular exercise and community activity here at Esher. For those who want some excellent exercise, activity and banter you should consider the Walking Touch Rugby variety of the game. No previous experience is required.

The Esher group, currently average age of 50, has been playing for 18 months on a Friday morning. We usually play 4-5 aside, sometimes more, on a pitch half the size of the dead ball area. We have had contact with other clubs in the region and are anticipating fixtures and limited competition in the coming season. We are helping the rules evolve as so far, the RFU haven’t defined a set of Laws, so local interpretation of rules is applied.

Sessions start with 20 minutes exercise and a warm up, followed by a skills session and then up to 50 minutes playing.

As well as reflecting on past playing triumphs with friends, why not take the opportunity to join an active Friday morning session.  We welcome men and women of all ages, past players and newbies, to the most active excuse for coffee on a Friday morning.