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Little Lions Blog
23 April 2021
Easter Sunday saw the resumption of Little Lions training, alongside with the other age groups in the Minis rugby section. Running up to 5 coaching stations, we are enjoying the great weather and grateful to the new members that have joined those tha...
15 March 2021
Esher Rugby Little Lions Passing Challenge 2020-2021 Watch the videohere With special thanks toJonny WilkinsonTom James...

Little Lions

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Manager & Coach

Monika Swift This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07870 407001

Manager & Coach

Steve Tanghe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07513 057221

Esher Rugby Little Lions provides a fun-packed structured session for children aged 2-4 years, using rugby themed games and enjoyable play to teach your child to run with the ball, catch, pass, kick, and play as part of a team. Little Lions focus on teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship. Participation of a parent/guardian is essential to make the experience as complete as possible and to maximise the fun for your Little Lion.

We normally play on Sunday mornings from 09:30-10:15 at Esher RFC. No special kit required; we only ask for shoes to run in, clothes to get muddy in and an enthusiastic parent!

(APRIL 2021 UPDATE: The Spring term sees the resumption of Little Lions training after the winter lockdown. First session of the term is 4 April; last session will be either 23 or 30 May. Registration is required, but payment is based only on sessions actually attended. Please contact Monika & Steve for more details)


When should my child move up to the next age group (Cubs)?

The U5/U6 team is set up so that kids starting reception this year (ie 2020) would move up from the Little Lions to this team.

What should my child wear?

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for running around in and is not a problem if they get dirty.

Layers are good for when it gets colder, and something waterproof for when it rains.

Given the COVID situation, it is unlikely we will have the option to train inside the club house gym this year.

What shoes should my child use?

The ground can get muddy and wet, so ideally something that can keep your feet dry. Some people wear football boots, but this is by no means a requirement.

How do I join the WhatsApp group for more informal comms?

Please contact the coaches for the link.

How do you announce when events are? How do you manage attendance?

We do this via the TeamSnap app. This is used by other age groups at Esher too.

Please contact the coaches for the TeamSnap link.

What should I be aware of in terms of COVID?

Adults should wear masks. Please have hand sanitiser to use.

Please follow general COVID related guidelines.

Is it possible for me to help with the coaching?

For sure. Please contact Monika or Steve, the two main coordinators.

How is the training structured?

Training generally has 6 parts:

  1.  Warm-up
  2. Run & Score
  3. Catch & Pass
  4. Coordination & Team Game
  5. Kicking
  6. Fun Games

How much does it cost to register?

£56 per term, £16 per additional child. If you have a child in an older Esher Rugby age group, then your Little Lions child qualifies for the additional child fee.

For the time being, registration is done via a PDF/DOC form, so please request the coaches to send it to you via email.

What dates does the season run?

Autumn term is September to December, Winter term January to March.

How can I provide photos to be used on the club website and in social media?

If you have any pictures from training sessions of your kids only that you would be happy to have posted on the website, please send through.

How can I get news updates from the main Esher Rugby Club?

If you would like to receive the Esher Rugby Club's newsletter, please sign up here. We as the LL are part of a neat community at Esher, so we would like to promote this and become increasingly active members: Sign up to our Newsletter

Do we wear uniforms?

By no means any requirement, but for anyone who is keen to kit out either the kids or adults in Esher Rugby gear, there are some great options.

A size guide is available, but I anticipate most kids would have the 22" or 24" chest shirts. Please see the options labelled "Junior". Shop Here

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