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Matt Wright takes on the Jurassic Coast Challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research UK

Hello everyone!

My friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to hike 100km along the Jurassic coast in less than 30 hours, starting on the 15th May 2021. We are doing this in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, a charity that funded £455 million worth of research into the leading types of cancer last year. The foremost of these are Breast, Lung and Colon cancer, which effect huge amounts of people every year.

I know that times are tough, now more-so than ever, but anything that you are willing to contribute would be much appreciated. I will be doing a few extra bits in the lead up to the event (most likely making a fool of myself) in an attempt to raise even more money for the charity so please keep your eyes peeled for that.

The link is here:

Many thanks in advances for your contributions,

Matt Wright

Bar Manager, Esher Rugby 

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