£250,000 Pitch Renovation Plan for 2022/23 Season

by Jamie Robinson

Now that the season is over work has started on improving the quality of playing surfaces for all at Esher Rugby.

We recently secured a Grant from Elmbridge Council of over £260k improving playing facilities at Esher. The comprehensive and ultimately successful submission was achieved during last season with the support of Tim Bale who managed the tendering process for all stages of the planned works. We also received a number of letters supporting the grant from Esher members and affiliates which proved invaluable.

The diggers arrived this week and a new pumping station is being installed by the Water Tank near the clubhouse.

The overall project which is being managed by Tim comprises a number of key stages of installation:

  • New pumping station by the Water Tank
  • Irrigation of the 1st XV pitch in the form of a pop-up sprinkler system
  • Drainage systems on the Expendables and Cardinals pitch
  • Installation of a fully drained 6th Pitch between the Bridle path and the 'New Pitches'

This will ultimately provide 6 fabulous pitches for the whole club.

We are targeting the 1st XV pitch, the Expendables and The Cardinals pitches to be in use for the start of September. The 6th pitch will be available at a later date.

We will keep everyone informed of the progress of the project and also which pitches are available for Summer Training and for the start of the new season. New Pitch 1 and New Pitch 2 will be available throughout. 

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