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Updated: 7th April

Message to Esher members from Ross Howard and Bob Stratton:

Dear Member,

As everyone will have read, the Rugby Season for nearly all levels of Rugby Union is over for the 2019/20 Season with Covid 19 causing significant changes to all our daily lives and seriously hitting all sport in the country.

As we all self isolate in different ways, the country is united on tackling the virus and trying to eventually get back to some form of normality in our lives although it is hard not to believe that the long term effects will provide changes for all of us, many for the better.

We know that for many, the financial burden is very difficult and worrying with widespread ramifications. We wanted at this time to write to you about the actions being taken at the club to protect our ability to continue next season.

With the cancellation of the season now upon us, plus the fact that our clubhouse and grounds cannot be used for any events, the loss of revenue is significant and whilst we have looked at our cost structure for the remainder of our financial year, we are also acutely aware that our staff, both for Club and Professional, need to be looked after and treated fairly wherever possible and fortunately the government's grants schemes have been very helpful to this end.

In more detail, we have contacted our suppliers and creditors to negotiate any deferral of payments wherever possible, although these do not go away and will have to be paid in due course.
We have taken advantage of the government's Furlough scheme going forward to nearly all PAYE staff who will be paid 80% of their salary from the end of April and in addition, we have paid all staff, players and coaches for their work up to the end of March.

The GoFundMe scheme has been supported tremendously by our membership and our appreciation of the nearly £18,000 raised is immense, thank you to everyone who contributed and this coupled with several other very generous donations will bring us to a figure nearing £25,000. In addition we are applying for a small business grant which we believe to be available. We must give Jamie Robinson and his team a huge vote of thanks for these actions.

The press have been full of the financial crisis in sport resulting from loss of income, and in particular Rugby at the top four levels, undoubtedly many clubs are going to suffer particularly those that already have deficits even before the Covid 19 struck. However, in large part because of our previous financial management, we are very confident that we at Esher will come through this very difficult time ready and able to start next season, whenever that will be ! It will undoubtedly be a difficult spring and summer but with everyone's support we will be there ready for the kick off.

Once again, our thanks to everyone involved in the fund raising and to all our members and supporters and sponsors, please help where you can and finally please stay healthy and safe through these difficult times.


Updated: 6th April

It has been hugely heartening that over the past couple of weeks the members of Esher Rugby have responded so generously to our appeal for help. Donations of funds, auction prizes and valuable time are all extremely welcome and will be used wisely to keep the Club functioning during this period.

All staff other than Jamie Robinson and Jorgina Robinson have now been furloughed for the forseeable future. Jamie and Jorgina (not related!) have been retained in the short term to manage the club from a financial perspective as well as overseeing any operational needs. If this changes you will be advised.

None of us knows when we will be through this crisis and we need to be in good shape when our doors open again.

If you need to get in touch please email: or, telephone: 01932 220295
Thanks again to all who have supported and continue to support our club. 

If you still wish to contribute then please see the links below to our funding page, the online silent auction site and details to join the 500 club all of which provide different options.


 A message from John Inverdale
 "Hello everyone.
This is going to be a long challenge for all of us so first of all, thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far to the 'GoFundMe' target.  We have exceeded our wildest expectations...
But there is a continual need for funds over the summer which is why we have launched the online auction with so many members contributing items for sale and all the funds raised go to the club.
There are some great opportunities for all of us - I’m offering  an instant sports library of 100 books - and there is sports equipment and all sorts of memorabilia that you can bid for.
Please have a look and bid if you can.  The past fortnight has shown the remarkable support Esher has across the generations. It would be great to continue this togetherness off the field for the forthcoming months."


Esher Rugby 'GoFundMe' page ...... over £17,500 has been raised so far!


We would like to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelming response to Esher Rugby 'GoFundMe' page - we are truly grateful and we will be doing our utmost during these exceptional times to keep our club afloat.   

Please do keep sharing with your Esher contacts!

We are hugely indebted to all who have donated so far (whether in funds, time or auction prizes)


Online Silent Auction .... Keep an eye out for new items


Please keep donating items from your attic, garage or 'junk room' to the club to auction


500 Club

A reminder that Esher Rugby's 500 Club is open to all to sign up to. The 500 Club is Esher Rugby's answer to the National Lottery but with no tax and no admin costs. You can buy as many tickets as you like for just £1 per month. For further details CLICK HERE


#OneClub #HelpUsHelpYou #StaySafe


A personal message to our members and neighbours: During these challenging times we all need to support each other and your Esher Rugby family are only too aware that some of you may need help, support or may just fancy a chat more than ever at this time please do get in touch either by emailing: or, by calling: 01932 220295 and we will be only too happy to help where we can

Please keep checking back with our web-site or social media channels for updates, and most of all please stay safe

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